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What is Voluma™?

Voluma™ is an FDA-approved gel designed to increase volume in the mid-face and cheek areas. The gel is composed of a complex sugar solution that imitates hyaluronic acid which is found naturally in the body. Voluma™ injections gently lift the skin and reverse the effects of aging.

How is Voluma™ Used?

With Voluma™, the volume is restored to the cheeks and jawline. This treatment is recommended for adults who are 21 years or older. Injections are made into the cheekbones using small needles to minimize bruising and discomfort. The results are a natural, youthful appearance.

Voluma™ in St. Louis, MO
Voluma™ in St. Louis, MO

What Makes Voluma™ Different?

Voluma™ is a gel that was developed to create fullness in facial features which have lost volume from aging. Voluma™ uses a technology called Vycross™. Vycross™ is a lightweight formula that lets the gel move seamlessly through the skin to reshape and contour the face. This unique formula is what allows Voluma™ to lift and firm facial features.

Why Choose Voluma™?

Wrinkle treatments are what commonly come to mind when most people consider cosmetic fillers. While wrinkle fillers do offer excellent results they just cannot compete with Voluma™. Voluma™ is an entirely unique product providing extraordinary results. Those who choose Voluma™ treatments actually reduce the need to fill wrinkles and fine lines. Voluma™ is so effective it may even save patients money by reducing the amount of treatments they need.

What is the Age Recommendation for Voluma™ Treatment?

The FDA has approved Voluma™ for people who are at least 21 years old. Voluma™ effectively produces a softer, fuller look in people showing the early signs of aging.

Does the Age of the Patient Affect Results?

Yes. People of all ages will benefit from Voluma™ treatments, but patients who are younger and have more laxity in their skin and less volume loss in their cheeks will probably see more dramatic results. The aging process comes with many natural changes to the body. These changes are enhanced in people who smoke, have skin damaged by the sun, or those who have lost a significant amount of weight. More Voluma™ gel filler may be needed to produce the expected results when these factors are considered. Those who have previously had filler treatments may experience more dramatic results and longer lasting effects with Voluma™.

Will Voluma™ Work on All Types of Skin?

Every type of skin will see results from Voluma™ treatments. Dark skin tones usually have fewer wrinkles than lighter skin tones. Everyone succumbs to wrinkles eventually, however. Those with dark skin tones may notice fewer wrinkles, but might experience premature sagging in the cheek area. This is the area that gives the face a youthful appearance. Voluma™ restores the cheek area to give patients a refreshed, youthful glow.

Is Treatment Recommended for Men?

Of course, Voluma™ works very well for men. Keep in mind the techniques used on men may be different from those used on women.

How Long Does the Procedure Take?

The nature of the treatment will determine the amount of time for the procedure. Treatments that require a higher volume of Voluma™ or that take a greater degree of detail will take more time. Less complex procedures will typically last from 15 to 20 minutes.

What Are Micro-Cannulas?

Micro-cannulas are long, supple tools that resemble needles. The blunt tips contain a hole on the side that contains the filler gel. Cannulas cannot penetrate the skin by themselves. Doctors use needles to place them in the skin. Because this technique takes fewer injections, patients can expect to experience a reduced amount of bruising and discomfort.

Can Voluma™ be Combined with Other Facial Anti-Aging Treatments?

Voluma™, which lifts sagging skin and increases facial volume, works well with other kinds of anti-aging treatments. Skin that is severely damaged by sun exposure or skin that is thin from collagen loss may benefit from fractional laser treatments. People with pronounced spider veins on their face may consider opting for a laser treatment while those who have animated facial expressions may experience more wrinkle lines. Botox® was created to treat these lines. By combining Voluma™ and Botox®, patients will experience enhanced results from both treatments. Those seeking a remedy for sagging around the eyes may consider utilizing Botox® or Juvederm® treatments.

How Long After Treatment Can I Resume Work and My Social Life?

Almost all patients experience natural looking results immediately upon completion of the treatment. The procedure is non-invasive, so regular activities can be resumed right after treatment.

Patient Reviews

“Everyone from the front desk to Dr. McGuire were wonderful! I truly believe they are happy to be there and happy to help. Dr. McGuire has taken her time with me and my procedure making sure I am 100% happy! I couldn't ask for a better group to work with and trust!” - Patricia K.

How Often Can I Schedule Injections?

Voluma™ is a long-lasting filler. Therefore, patients will not need to receive further treatment for at least two years. If a patient does decide they want more volume within the days following their first treatment, they can receive a touch-up. It is crucial, however, that patients do not over-inject their facial features. The ultimate goal of Voluma™ injections is a natural appearance.

What is the Cost of Voluma™?

The final cost of a Voluma™ treatment is determined by the nature of the treatment. These details can be discussed in person with your doctor. Parkcrest Plastic Surgery accepts various forms of payment including credit cards, checks, and cash. Financing options are also available.

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