Forehead Lift

The staff at Parkcrest Plastic Surgery welcomes forehead lift patients from across Missouri, including St. Louis, St. Charles, Chesterfield, O’Fallon, St. Peters, Creve Coeur, and surrounding areas. Our trusted reputation has been built on our promise to provide expert treatment in a compassionate, friendly environment. We give all of our patients detailed pre- and post-op instructions both during their consultation and after surgery.

What Is a Forehead Lift?

A forehead lift, or brow lift, raises your eyebrows and reduces ridges and furrows on the forehead. Some people develop wrinkled, creased skin because of age or excessive sun exposure. With a brow lift, excess fat and skin are removed, and the forehead muscles are modified, leaving a smoother, more youthful appearance.

If you are bothered by sagging brows or deep furrows between the eyes, please contact Parkcrest Plastic Surgery for a consultation about forehead lifts. We will answer your questions, take a short health history, and discuss the pros and cons of the procedure.

Forehead Lift in St. Louis, MO

What Is a Forehead Lift Procedure?

A forehead lift takes about 30 to 90 minutes. It is typically an outpatient procedure that requires general anesthesia or local anesthesia with intravenous sedation. At the start of a brow lift, the surgeon will generally make an incision across the top of the head, from the front of one ear to the front of the other ear. The forehead and brows are elevated, and excess skin is removed. The flap is then sutured.

Newer techniques now allow us to perform forehead lifting through small incisions in the scalp by using an endoscope and specialized instruments. This accelerates the healing process. A procedure called a transpalpebral browpexy is a technique involving much less surgery. This is performed at the same time as an upper-lid blepharoplasty. Through the upper-eyelid incision, the brow can be elevated, but on a lesser scale than during a formal forehead lift. A transpalpebral browpexy is appropriate in many cases, but it is not designed to produce the more dramatic results achieved with a more extensive brow lift.

A forehead lift can be combined with other operations, most notably a facelift or eyelid lift. It will be up to you and your surgeon to determine whether your forehead lift should be performed alone or with another procedure.

Patient Reviews

“Dr. McGuire and everyone I’ve met at Parkcrest are some of the sweetest and most genuinely caring physicians I’ve ever worked with. My top surgery results are everything I hoped for and beyond. Healing has been a breeze and I credit it completely to how wonderfully thorough and attentive their team is. Cannot possibly thank + recommend them enough, especially if you’re looking for gender affirming surgery.” - Bella P.

What Does Forehead Lift Recovery Entail?

Antibiotics may be prescribed following a forehead lift. Sutures are generally removed within one week. Although swelling and some bruising usually occur, they should subside within a few weeks. The doctors at Parkcrest Plastic Surgery may prescribe ice compresses and eye exercises to reduce swelling and regain mobility.

Women will be allowed to use eye cosmetics one to two weeks after a forehead lift, but sports activities may be limited for one month or more. You can proceed with your normal daily routine, including work, within one to two weeks.

At the Parkcrest Plastic Surgery office, Dr. David A. Caplin, and Dr. Patricia McGuire offer plastic and reconstructive surgery to patients across Eastern Missouri including St. Charles, Chesterfield, O’Fallon, St. Peters, and Creve Coeur. Contact the Parkcrest Plastic Surgery office today to schedule your forehead lift consultation!