Chemical Peels

The staff at Parkcrest Plastic Surgery welcomes those seeking younger looking skin to consider chemical peels. Residents from across Missouri, including St. Louis, St. Charles, Chesterfield, O’Fallon, St. Peters, Creve Coeur, surrounding areas and from around the country, can achieve a youthful glow with this effective procedure. Our trusted reputation has been built on our promise to provide expert treatment in a compassionate, friendly environment.

Chemical peels are one of our effective skin rejuvenation treatments for men and women who want to look younger and more radiant. Chemical peels can not only reverse signs of aging and damage but can also improve otherwise healthy skin. Because this is a fast, safe procedure that requires no incisions, chemical peels are a popular choice among many of our clients.

Chemical Peels in St. Louis, MO

What Is A Chemical Peel?

Chemical peels use specialized solutions to chemically exfoliate the skin. This means that instead of traditional (or physical) exfoliation, which manually removes dead skin, this procedure uses a topical solution to dissolve and eliminate dull, dead skin cells from the face. We offer multiple strengths and options for chemical peels, which allow them to be customized to your skin type and goals for treatment.

  • SkinMedica® Illuminize Peel: The Illuminize peel is the gentlest peel from SkinMedica®. It will provide the brightening, tightening, and glow that you desire if you have an upcoming event or just want to reveal the look of more youthful skin. This peel is great in conjunction with a microderm.
  • SkinMedica® Vitalize Peel: The Vitalize peel is the most popular chemical peel from SkinMedica®. It is suitable for all skin types and produces predictable and noticeable results after just one peel.
  • SkinMedica® Rejuvenize Peel: The Rejuvenize peel is the deepest of the SkinMedica® peels, penetrating into the skin to produce significant results with minimal irritation.

Who Is A Candidate For Chemical Peels?

Chemical peels are suitable for people who want to improve their facial appearance but do not want the cost, risk, or downtime associated with invasive cosmetic surgery. The best way to determine your candidacy for chemical peels is to schedule a consultation at our office. At your consultation, our specialist will perform a skin evaluation and talk to you about your medical history and concerns. At your consultation, we encourage you to talk about your goals for treatment, concerns about this procedure, and questions about any of our other skin rejuvenation treatments. Once we complete your skin evaluation and get to know you, we can determine if a chemical peel is right for you.

Patient Reviews

“Dr. McGuire and everyone I’ve met at Parkcrest are some of the sweetest and most genuinely caring physicians I’ve ever worked with. My top surgery results are everything I hoped for and beyond. Healing has been a breeze and I credit it completely to how wonderfully thorough and attentive their team is. Cannot possibly thank + recommend them enough, especially if you’re looking for gender affirming surgery.” - Bella P.

What To Expect At A Chemical Peel Appointment

Chemical peels are applied like a regular skincare facial. We simply apply the solution that was specially selected for you based on your skin evaluation and consultation using a brush or applicator. The solution is then left on the skin to penetrate the outer layers where the dead skin cells are most dense. The length of treatment varies depending on your individualized treatment plan.

Benefits Of A Chemical Peel

Chemical peels improve the look of the skin by achieving the following:

  • Smoothes the complexion
  • Reduces appearance of scarring
  • Reduces signs of acne and acne scarring
  • Reduces appearance of age marks and sun spots
  • Diminishes melasma and sun damage
  • Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Achieves a youthful glow

Chemical Peel Costs

At Parkcrest Plastic Surgery, we treat every patient as an individual and our comprehensive list of prices for our procedures are tailored to meet individual requirements. We will be happy to discuss chemical peel costs with you. Our professionally trained staff will go through the Parkcrest Plastic Surgery pricing structures with you so that you can arrive at a plan that works for you.

For a guide to our chemical peel prices, please contact our friendly staff.

At the Parkcrest Plastic Surgery office, Dr. David A. Caplin, and Dr. Patricia McGuire offer plastic and reconstructive surgery to patients across Eastern Missouri, including St. Charles, Chesterfield, O’Fallon, St. Peters, and Creve Coeur, as well as across the country. Contact the Parkcrest Plastic Surgery office today to schedule your chemical peel consultation!