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Aesthetic Services in St. Louis, MO

The staff at Parkcrest Plastic Surgery welcomes patients interested in aesthetic services from across Missouri, including St. Louis, St. Charles, Chesterfield, O’Fallon, St. Peters, Creve Coeur, and surrounding areas. Our trusted reputation has been built on our promise to provide expert treatment in a compassionate, friendly environment.

Parkcrest Plastic Surgery also offers several aesthetic and personal improvement services:

  • Treatment of skin conditions at the Aesthetic Center
  • Massage therapy by our licensed massage therapists, Claire Callahan and Brandon Schuessel
  • Nutritional counseling by Ellen Stein, MS, CNS, Certified Nutritionist
  • Acupuncture treatments by Dr. Marcy Goldstein, a board-certified M.D. Acupuncturist


Laser Skin Rejuvenation: If aging, acne, or too much time in the sun has left your face with blotches, scars, wrinkles, or lines, laser skin rejuvenation may help your skin look younger and healthier. Laser skin rejuvenation removes skin layer by layer with precision. The new skin cells that form during healing give the skin a tighter, younger looking surface. The procedure can be done alone or with other cosmetic surgeries on the face.

Laser Hair Removal: For women or men seeking long-lasting solutions to hair on the face or body, laser hair removal is the perfect alternative. The lasers eliminate unwanted hair by emitting a beam of light onto the skin. Passing harmlessly through the skin, the light targets the pigment (melanin) within the hair follicle and hair shaft. As the follicles absorb this laser energy, they are disabled and unable to produce new hair. The result is lasting hair removal with no downtime. While discomfort is an individual matter, most people tolerate laser treatment well and describe the sensation as a rubber band snap to the skin. The majority of patients require no anesthesia, though topical anesthetic is an option for more sensitive areas.

AFT (Advanced Fluorescent Technology): AFT treatments require no downtime and can be used to treat many types of vascular and pigmented lesions quickly and painlessly. AFT’s selective pulsed light energy is precisely absorbed by the target areas, without damaging healthy skin. Selectively heating and closing off blood vessels, AFT pulsed light reduces the lesions while sparing nearby tissue from injury. With pigmented lesions, the light energy heats the melanin in the lesion and causes it to fragment. The melanin fragments are then absorbed by the body and eliminated. By providing smooth, consistent light pulses, the energy delivered to the skin is gentle and effective.

SmartSkin™ CO2: A full-featured CO2 laser, SmartSkin™ provides highly customizable, cost-effective skin resurfacing treatments for more even tone, smoother texture, and markedly reduced wrinkles.

Dermapen®: An innovative skin therapy used to treat a wide range of conditions, Dermapen® works to tighten, lift and rejuvenate your skin. Dermapen® stimulates collagen production, which alleviates fine lines and wrinkles, stretch marks, surgical and acne scars, keloids, and large pores.

Customized Chemical Peels: Your aesthetician selects the peel that’s perfect for your skin type or condition, restoring your skin’s ability to produce healthy new cells. There are superficial, medium and deep chemical peels containing a variety of pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

Microdermabrasion: Resurfacing is a technique for removing the topmost layer of skin, leaving it supple and vibrant. The DiamondTome Wand removes this layer of skin by gently exfoliating the skin with natural diamond chips while at the same time vacuuming the dead skin cells away in a sterile and controlled manner. Removing this outer layer of dead skin cells leaves a smoother texture and promotes the growth of healthy new skin cells.

Dermaplaning: A simple and safe procedure for exfoliating the epidermis and ridding the skin of fine vellus hair (peach fuzz). Dermaplaning works by scraping the top layer of the skin, removing dead skin cells and stimulating new cell growth. Fine facial hair is also removed in the process, leaving a youthful and vibrant complexion.


  • Ivy Filson is a licensed clinical Aesthetician.
  • Alexis Lane is a licensed clinical Aesthetician.

At the Parkcrest Plastic Surgery office, Dr. David A. Caplin, Dr. Melvin Maclin, and Dr. Patricia McGuire offer plastic and reconstructive surgery to patients across Eastern Missouri including St. Charles, Chesterfield, O’Fallon, St. Peters, and Creve Coeur. Contact the Parkcrest Plastic Surgery office today to schedule your aesthetic services consultation!


"I could not be more happy with my results and have a better quality of life." N.H.

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